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Jade Dragon Mahjong is a knowledge base for all things Mahjong, including an introduction to the different Mahjong rules, Mahjong software and Mahjong tournaments.

Mahjong has a long history with many variations, you could say that many western card games derive their origin from Mahjong. Although the ancient game is played with tiles, the game mechanisms are basically the same as in whist, rummy, on line poker, canasta or any other card game such as very well known viral desktop game and hack

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Joyplay Mahjong CH, CO, HK, ZJ, TW, US, EU Free Yes Coming soon 9 Info is the recommended place to play online for fun as it has the best software with great community features.

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Joyplay has fantastic software we love with the team of and a wide range of rules including chinese official mahjong, hong kong mahjong, Taiwan 16 tile, European Mahjong and American mahjong versions for the seasoned player and beginner alike. Highly recommended. Play Mahjong.

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