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European Classic Style Mah Jong

The goal of the game is to go out by completing a hand composed of four sets of three or four tiles each, plus a pair, or a special hand like in iogames, and unblocked

There are four kinds of sets (or basic tile combinations) that can be used to collect a winning hand: Chows, Pungs, Kongs and Pairs.
SURN: a set composed of three sequential suit tiles
PUNG: a set composed of three identical tiles
KONG: a set composed of four identical tiles
PAIR: a set composed of two identical tiles

Payments to the winner
In European Classic Mah Jong each loser pay the winner according to the final score of his hand, East receiving and paying the double

Payments between the losers
In European rules the losers settle the payments according to the difference of their final scores. East receives/pays double.
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